Innovation Platform for Societal Impact (INNOPSI) is a initiative from the C20 official engagement group and its 14 constituent working groups. This is envisaged as a global collaborative platform to encourage grassroots innovation with the active participation of all stakeholders, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), NGOs & public; universities, students, researchers & think-tabs, and startups, investors & organizations. INNOPSI will facilitate a collaborative & multistakeholder ecosystem that encourages various entities to not only share their ideas but collaborate and pool in their resources to develop innovative solutions for addressing the compelling needs of the society. The motto is to facilitate innovation and make it available and affordable so as to make a social impact. INNOPSI will complement the efforts of regional social innovation platforms run by the United Nations and G20 governments and no doubt accelerate the attainment of UN SDGs for nations with the active involvement of all stakeholders especially the civil society. The platform will host hackathons and innovation challenges open for participation from various stakeholders. The ideas and innovations will be supported for technology enablement, mentorship, and/or startup incubation. Top ideas can attract up to Rs 1 crore of funding from Amrita Technology Business Incubator (TBI).


Technology Advancement and Capacity-building Training Initiatives or TACTICS is a comprehensive and free training session for Civil Society Organizations. It is designed to equip members of CSOs with the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves against cyber threats.

The program aims to increase awareness and understanding of common cyber threats, and provides best practices for securing personal and professional data.

We provide best practices for securing personal and professional data, including password management, network security, and privacy protection. Additionally, we educate civil society members on safe and responsible use of social media and email, and provide strategies for identifying and responding to phishing attacks and other forms of cyber threats.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the cybersecurity posture of the civil society and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats. By participating in the program, civil society members can take proactive steps to safeguard their personal and professional data, prevent cyber attacks, and respond to security incidents.

Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security alliance (GLIDES)

Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security alliance (GLIDES), is a non-profit transnational platform dedicated to ensuring the security, scalability, and stability of the internet. This civil society-centric alliance seeks to improve CSO representation in existing internet governance bodies and monitor the health of the internet through ongoing measurement and sharing of results with stakeholder communities.

Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security alliance (GLIDES) provides a platform for CSOs to submit policy recommendations and share best practices, while organizing monthly meetings, workshops, training programs, seminars, and deliberations on various issues.

Joining Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security alliance (GLIDES) offers the opportunity to voice the aspirations of the common man to world leaders, contribute to policy formulation, and be an important stakeholder in creating a fair and inclusive digital society.

Empowering Women to Lead

Inspired by Civil20 Chair, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s dedicated service to humanity and women’s empowerment, the C20 Engagement Group for Technology, Security and Transparency and How Women Lead, an NGO from the Unites States, will collaborate to deliver joint programs designed to develop women’s leadership skills for Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations.
How Women Lead is a national organization in the US of top executive women focused on activating their individual and collective power to influence the change they want to see in the world through leadership, investment and philanthropy.
Together, How Women Lead and the C20 Engagement Group will coordinate to share best known methods and the model for Women Leaders for the World. We acknowledge How Women Lead’s Code, that is,  Be Fierce Advocates for Each Other.  Say Yes to Helping Each Other.

My Earth Assets

Our planet’s natural assets are vital for sustainable economic growth and development. But with increasing environmental degradation, it’s more important than ever to protect and restore our ecosystems. That’s why we’re excited to introduce My Earth Assets, a new initiative that harnesses the power of technology to make sustainability a fun and rewarding experience

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Safe and Brave Online

An exclusive initiative for youth that empowers them while providing knowledge and practical skills to mitigate cyber ills and develop resilience

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We bring together the Global Community of Experts, Civil Society Organizations, Stakeholders, Policy Makers, Industry Groups To Deliberate & Create Recommendation Framework for G20.

Funds will be collected through Bhajasva Innovations, a C20 partner to Amrita University

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Amrita Technology Enabling
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ShaktiCon Cyber Security Conference,
Training & Capture the Flag (CTF)
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Amrita Tech Trends: Webinars
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Working Group Coordinators

Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan

India Coordinator
Dean, Post Graduate Programs and Director, Centre for Cyber Security Systems & Networks, Amrita University, India

Dr. Nava Subramaniam

India Coordinator
Dean, School of Business, Amrita University, India and Professor Emeritus, RMIT University, Australia

Ms. Alison Richards

International Coordinator
Director, oneAPI Initiative, Software Products Team, Intel Corporation

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Amma sees the whole world as a flower. Each petal represents a nation. If one petal is infested with pests, it will affect the other petals as well. The beauty of the whole flower suffers. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to protect and nurture this flower. All living beings in creation are interdependent. The rhythm of Nature depends upon humanity. It’s necessary to maintain the rhythm of the mind and body for the sake of our health and lifespan, for the sake of humankind and Nature.
Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ❤️



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