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While the COVID-19 pandemic setback SDG4 (Quality Education), it brought about unprecedented advances in online educational technologies. Education can support the G20 goals of one earth, one family, and one future through collaboration and sharing knowledge across countries, including inaccessible areas, those ravaged by war or natural disasters, and gender-biased states. Education should be learner-centered, inclusive, and enhanced by recent human-centered innovations that respect cultural diversity, local languages, and learning abilities. Education with effective monitoring and feedback loops should be affordable and reach the last mile. The C20 India Chair has said, ‘Education should spread light within and outside, instill awareness, and strengthen the deep bond between the student and his nation, the world, his fellow human beings and other creatures, Nature and God.’ The WG will study the wisdom of our combined world heritage, understand diversity, and the philosophy of indigenous populations, distill their essential commonalities to promote harmony and compassion and incorporate them into education. The WG will study and recommend skill development and education models that are equitable and accessible for underdeveloped, developing, and emerging economies and the implications for funding.

The WG will deliberate on the impact of digitalization on society and the environment. Learning from Digital India, a Digital World model can bring socio-economic transformation and support the global fight against poverty through the digital delivery of services, digital infrastructure creation, and digital literacies. Digitalizing the economy, digital identity, and digital payment systems can provide sustainable work opportunities and help services directly reach the beneficiary. Digital Transformation for an interconnected world should be inclusive and accessible, reduce the digital divide and inequality, consider child protection, and provide access to support disabilities. An inclusive Digital architecture based on open and interoperable principles can redefine digital boundaries and scale globally. Digital Transformation can promote and preserve culture, provide livelihood opportunities, and address disability, health, eGovernance, and services. The WG will study models for digitization, the use of digital measuring tools, gathering data for development, and emerging technologies for a Digital World. The policy recommendations in Education and Digital Transformation will consider global challenges, best practices, funding implications, and measuring the translation to policy change and outcomes at the Global and country level.

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We invite you to please share your CSO's success story with the Education and Digital Transformation Working Group. This is a unique opportunity for international recognition of projects with high positive impacts in the C20 theme area of Education and Digital Transformation.

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One of the main tasks of the C20 is to submit a pack of policy recommendations to the G20, representing the views and requests from the civil society worldwide. Through this form, you can submit a policy recommendation for the white paper of our working group on Education and Digital Transformation.

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As part of our C20 India consultation process, we are conducting a survey to gather wide feedback and valuable insights and opinions on the Digital Transformation for an interconnected world. The policy recommendations for this initiative aim to make the digital world more inclusive, accessible, and equitable for everyone. Individual responses will be kept confidential. Only overall analysis will be used. Your contribution to this survey is very important and is much appreciated. The survey will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Kindly fill in the form to share your inputs. We Thank You for your time.


AYUDH – Global Youth Wing

Vidyamritam – Children scholarships
Technology enhanced Learning: AmritaRITE, OLabs, MedSIM, AyurSIM, AVIEW, VLab
Online Education – African batch of fully funded students in Amrita’s BCA degree
AmritaJSS – Skill Development and Adult Literacy
AmritaServe – Education, Skill Development, Learning Technologies
Inclusive Education: Amrita Orphanage, Amrita Institute for Differently Abled, Amrita Speech and Hearing Improvement School (ASHIS), Village Education Centers

Working Group Coordinators

Dr. Venkat Rangan

India Coordinator
Amrita University

Dr. Prema Nedungadi

India Coordinator
Amrita University

Dr. Joost Monks

International Coordinator

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PwD Awareness Campaign

We are seeking to raise global awareness of the potential of persons with disabilities with a combined venture to create a portal to house multimedia resources. We invite OUR C20 CSO, NGO and Academic Partners to participate in the development

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