Symposium on Compassion, the Need of the Hour Chicago,USA

By emphasizing the significance of empathy and kindness in today’s world, the symposium aimed to inspire positive change.

Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan highlighted the TST working group’s efforts that included research, stakeholder engagement, and policy generation to address the digital divide, promote multilingual internet, and make assistive technologies more affordable.

Dr. Manish Gupta explained the workings of large language models like Chat GPT, emphasizing their capacity to understand complex relationships and contexts. He mentioned the emergence of new, unpredictable properties and the potential of these models to perform a wide range of tasks. Dr. Michael Darling added that these models are data-driven and require significant human involvement for data collection and model training. He expressed concerns about data quality, automation risks, and potential security issues. The discussion touched on the misuse of AI, such as deepfakes, and the importance of compassion and ethical considerations in its development and use.

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