Artificial Intelligence: Separating Doomerism and Hype from Reality

The Civil20India2023 working group on Technology, Security and Transparency in collaboration with TUM ThinkTank and Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence hosted a hybrid event on ‘Artificial Intelligence: Separating Doomerism and Hype from Reality’ in Munich, Germany on 14th July 2023.

The event saw an enthusiastic participation of 75 attendees. The distinguished panel speakers brought their invaluable insights to the table, shedding light on the subject and setting the stage for profound discussions.

Later, the entire group was divided into various breakout sessions, providing a platform to the audience to delve deeper into specific subtopics. These sessions covered crucial areas such as the education of emerging technologies, fostering inclusive data representation, and addressing concerns regarding doomsday scenarios associated with AI.

We profoundly thank the panel speakers, audience and the organizers to have contributed to such a thought-provoking event that aimed to bridge the gap between AI hype and reality while addressing crucial ethical considerations. This experience reaffirms the significance of collaboration in shaping the future of AI responsibly.

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