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We are delighted to let you know that we are currently calling for submissions of Udaharans or Best Practices by CSOs. We will be shortlisting 20 Best Udaharans focusing on Climate, Environment, and Net Zero targets and showcasing their path breaking efforts in an International Symposium. The best Udaharans will be submitted as a part of Civil 20 to G20.

Working Group Projects
Udaharans (Best Practices)


AmritaSree Women Self Help Groups Deeply affected by the plight of women and families caught in the throes of natural disasters, poverty, and illiteracy. Amma launched the AmritaSREE program in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami to sustain families by giving them emotional support and financial independence.
13,500+ SHGs Formed
2,00,000+ Participants


More than a million trees have been planted globally since 2001. After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, we helped stabilise 13 kilometres of India’s coast by planting 30,000 saplings along the shoreline. Mata Amritanandamayi Math is a member organisation of UN Billion Tree Campaign
1 Million Trees Planted Worldwide


In February 2013, Amma launched an initiative to promote the cultivation of organic food in Kerala, India. We distributed free seeds to 10,000 women so they could grow organic vegetables to feed their families. A total of 1,000 acres of land has been earmarked for this project, and we’re also arranging training and demonstration classes by organic farmers.


Training and awareness building workshops in sustainable living, permaculture, beekeeping and conservation techniques, while residents and visitors incorporate lessons learned into daily life. By experiencing live examples of communities that are in harmony with nature, visitors to the centres get inspired to implement similar techniques in their own homes.


A global collective of volunteers who take action, step-by-step, to heal our world at both the individual and community levels. There are thousands of members throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.


With the intent of bringing in the culture of cleanliness and waste management, in 2010, AMMA initiated a large program namely the Amalabharatam campaign. Through this campaign,
7500+ cleanliness drives have been organised by mobilising 1lakh+ volunteers clocking over 5lakh+ hours in 23 states across India.

Working Group Themes

The Sustainability & Resilient Communities working group aims to bring out the voice of civil societies focusing on the following sub-themes:


Compassion Driven Chaupal

C20 India 2023 Working Group on Sustainable and Resilient Communities has been spearheading Compassion Driven Chaupals (C-Chaupal) initiatives across rural India. The concept of C-Chaupal was launched to organize inclusive and participatory meetings of all sections of rural communities without discrimination of age, gender, caste, class, and income levels in several communities across India to bring out the voices and concerns of the villagers to the C20 and G20 leadership.


AYUDH – Global Youth Wing

Vidyamritam – Children scholarships
Technology enhanced Learning: AmritaRITE, OLabs, MedSIM, AyurSIM, AVIEW, VLab
Online Education – African batch of fully funded students in Amrita’s BCA degree
AmritaJSS – Skill Development and Adult Literacy
AmritaServe – Education, Skill Development, Learning Technologies
Inclusive Education: Amrita Orphanage, Amrita Institute for Differently Abled, Amrita Speech and Hearing Improvement School (ASHIS), Village Education Centers

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Message from the Chair, C20 India 2023

Our Inspiration

Nature is so out of balance these days,” Amma said. “We see very clearly how the climate is changing. In the non-rainy season, it often rains very heavily. The summers are getting hotter and longer. In some places where it has never snowed before, suddenly snow is falling. Crops are failing. Trees do not bear fruit. We need to proceed carefully with the awareness that each of us has a responsibility to protect Mother Nature. From planting trees and recycling to carpooling to not using wasteful plastic—each of us must do our part and pray for God’s grace. These days it seems everyone is aware of their rights, but no one is aware of their responsibilities.”
Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ❤️

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