Have An Inspiring Story To Share?​

Deadline for submission: 17 April 2023​


We are inviting you to share
everyday stories of compassion amidst us

The story can be by the giver or receiver of the compassionate act – or a third party narration. The story narration and description should highlight compassion as the primordial or primary motivation for the deed. The story should be between 250 to 400 words.

  • Who received the help.
  • What was the act of compassion.
  • What was the impact of the act/change you could observe.
  • What inspired you.

Shortlisted stories will be notified, featured in C20 portal and receive appreciation certificate from the C20 Secretariat. Relevant photographs, short videos and multimedia accompaniments will be greatly valued in the evaluation.

For enquiries, please email to: src.c20india@am.amrita.edu

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    The Sustainability & Resilient Communities working group aims to bring out the voice of civil societies focusing on the following sub-themes:



    Compassion Driven Chaupal

    C20 India 2023 Working Group on Sustainable and Resilient Communities has been spearheading Compassion Driven Chaupals (C-Chaupal) initiatives across rural India. The concept of C-Chaupal was launched to organize inclusive and participatory meetings of all sections of rural communities without discrimination of age, gender, caste, class, and income levels in several communities across India to bring out the voices and concerns of the villagers to the C20 and G20 leadership.


    AYUDH – Global Youth Wing

    Vidyamritam – Children scholarships
    Technology enhanced Learning: AmritaRITE, OLabs, MedSIM, AyurSIM, AVIEW, VLab
    Online Education – African batch of fully funded students in Amrita’s BCA degree
    AmritaJSS – Skill Development and Adult Literacy
    AmritaServe – Education, Skill Development, Learning Technologies
    Inclusive Education: Amrita Orphanage, Amrita Institute for Differently Abled, Amrita Speech and Hearing Improvement School (ASHIS), Village Education Centers

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    Message from the Chair, C20 India 2023

    Our Inspiration

    Nature is so out of balance these days,” Amma said. “We see very clearly how the climate is changing. In the non-rainy season, it often rains very heavily. The summers are getting hotter and longer. In some places where it has never snowed before, suddenly snow is falling. Crops are failing. Trees do not bear fruit. We need to proceed carefully with the awareness that each of us has a responsibility to protect Mother Nature. From planting trees and recycling to carpooling to not using wasteful plastic—each of us must do our part and pray for God’s grace. These days it seems everyone is aware of their rights, but no one is aware of their responsibilities.”
    Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ❤️

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