Integrated Holistic Health joins forces with IIUMN

The Indian International Movements to Unite Nations (IIUMN) is an organisation that empowers young citizens of ages 13-19 on the concept of global citizenship by organising concourses pan India & across 35+ countries worldwide. Over the last ten years, the organisation has impacted 50 million+ students, with 20,000+ national and international discussion topics, to ideate and create solutions with an Indian lens. It is with this mission and vision that we are set to organise the IIMUN Kerala 2023 concourse – a state-level educational extravaganza that will bring hundreds of students from varying socio-economic backgrounds to come together to discuss a multitude of topics and ideate, actionable solutions while role-playing various countries, world leaders and parliamentarians.

C20 working group on Integrated Holistic Health joined forces with this youth movement   and brought the discussion of the G20 countries to the youth and leaders of tomorrow. An interesting discussion on pandemics, emerging diseases, role of anthropogenic factors in the development of newer diseases emerged.

The IIMUN had converged in Ernakulam, Kerala. DrAswathy, Professor, Community Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Lead for the subgroup on Non-Communicable diseases for C20  spoke to the students on the need for a “One Health “ approach to the control of emerging diseases .The concept of “One Health” is an approach that recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and our shared environment. Mr Dhruv, Director, IIMUN, Ms Hetri and Ms Amber, council members of the IIMUN were present at the meeting.

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