C20 EDT Summit: International Udaharans

As part of the C20 Education and Digital Transformation Summit, Civil Society Organizations were invited to share their best practices. The event took place on 20 May 2023. Five international organizations shared their organizations’ best practices and contributions to society. Over 100 participants attended this in-person session.

Philomena Niamh Gallagher is a Melbourne-based professional with expertise in Disability Services, Mental Health, and Family Support, established a play group for 20 children. The program focused on teaching children self-care, independence, and life skills to address individual problems and support the children’s unique lifestyle needs. The group was a valuable source of hope and engagement for stakeholders, including mothers, ensuring their children’s needs were met.

Sambujang Marreh is the Head of Research and Development at NAQAA in Gambia. The organization works towards building peace, freedom, and unity by engaging young people and marginalized women by training them and building their competencies. They established the Neuro Skill Academy, supporting migration during the pandemic. They encouraged women to take up employment in tailoring, catering, and hairdressing to earn a sustainable living.

Virginie Blaquart serves on Ayudh Europe’s Board of Directors, promoting compassion and solidarity. Speaking about the 17th Ayudh Europe Youth Summit, she said the objective of the event aims to build a sustainable global community, especially for homeless refugees. During the event, a video was shown, highlighting the upcoming Create Innovate Ayudh Forum in August 2023. The Forum aims to conquer fears and transform dreams into reality, creating a lasting impact on the world.

Maribel Pérez Roig, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in NGOs, foundations, associations, and public administration in Spain, led a foundation that provided companionship and assistance to lonely and isolated individuals. The foundation was mostly volunteer-led focusing on providing a safe and secure online platform for people in distress. Regular monitoring and quality checks were two key hallmarks of the project.

Mathilde Everaere is a co-founder of FloristaTV, an NGO that combines technology and institutions to meet the needs of traditional communities and offer educational resources. As President and International Coordinator, she has played a crucial role in promoting global interconnectedness and empowering individuals and ethnic groups. FloristaTV is committed to preserving cultural heritage and fostering interconnectivity between traditional communities and the broader world.

The event showcased the best practices of various international organizations, highlighting their significant contributions to society towards making the world a better place.

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