C20 EDT Summit: Udaharans from Indian CSOs

C20 EDT Summit: National Udaharans

The C20 Education and Digital Transformation Summit provided Civil Services Organizations (CSOs) a platform to amplify their voices CSOs based in India shared their best practices or udaharans during the summit on 20 May. Throughout the event, six speakers highlighted their innovative practices and creative approaches to support the communities they serve.

Mr. Arun Fernandez, Founder of DLearners, highlighted the prevalence of invisible disabilities in India, with 35,000 children affected. DLearners provides resources, such as informative videos and online materials. Their app promotes home teaching and free dyslexia screening, ensuring widespread accessibility and inclusivity. They also offer structured reading tools, worksheets for parents, and regular progress tracking through a nationwide model funded by Microsoft.

Mr. Ramu Muthangi, CEO of SHG Technologies Pvt Ltd, explained how his company revolutionized assistive technology for individuals with visual impairment. The Blindvision Foundation collaborated with SHG Technologies to develop smart vision glasses using AI and ML. The glasses are accessible via phones and can recognize faces. The organization distributed 1000 glasses and provided training to medical professionals and volunteers. With ambitious plans to assist one million individuals within a decade, SHG Technologies continues to revolutionize assistive technology for the visually impaired.

Padma Shri. S. Ramakrishnan,Founder of Amar Seva Sangam, provides cost-effective services across three districts in Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Navamani Venkatagalapty presented statistical reports on the challenges faced by children with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of early intervention. Amar Seva Sangam provides professional training to parents, school teachers, and parents while monitoring and improving the software based on stakeholder feedback. The program has reached 5,000 districts and demonstrated positive results due to early intervention.

Ms. Pallavi Kulshrestha represented the Haryana Welfare Society for Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment and presented their Digital Sign Language Lab, which provides access to the school curriculum. They have uploaded a sign language library on their youtube channel with around 800 videos with captions for accessibility. She highlighted the importance of having Indian Sign Language textbooks for addressing language deprivation faced by deaf children due to the delayed learning of sign language. She shared glimpses from the sign language textbook development process.

Mr. K Anvar Sadath, CEO of Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), a government enterprise in Kerala, India, aimed to integrate Information Technology (IT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into compulsory school education. KITE introduced eLanguage labs, enhancing learning experiences and providing hands-on experiences. Based on the three E’s (Enjoy, Enhance, Enrich), the initiative provided a free, open resource for schools, eliminating internet connectivity. KITE was designed to align with the curriculum and cater to the needs of parents, teachers, and students. The platform was available in multiple languages, catering to a diverse student population. The initiative successfully scaled up, resulting in cost savings of 3,000 crores.

Dr. Geet Oberoi, Founder and President of Orkids Education Systems, presented the First Screen App to identify special educational needs, particularly Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs). The app helps screen children at risk of developing SLDs and may experience difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, and math. The app empowers general teachers to identify and support students early on while addressing the need for more awareness and trained specialists.

Through the sharing of their experiences and knowledge, these CSOs inspire and encourage others to emulate their efforts, while fostering a collective drive to create a lasting and transformative impact on society.


Arun Fernandez, Founder, DLearners, India

Ramu Muthangi, Blindvision Foundation, and CEO, SHG Technologies, India

Padma Shri. S Ramakrishnan, Amar Seva Sangam, India

Pallavi Kulshrestha, Haryana Welfare Society for Persons with Speech & Hearing Impairment, India

K Anvar Sadath,CEO of Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE Geet Oberoi, Founder President, ORKIDS Foundation, India

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