Disability, Equity and Justice Working Group

We are thrilled to announce that after months of consultations with over 4,000 people from 42 countries resulting in more than 35 policy dialogues and side events, the Civil 20 Working Group on Gender Equality and Disability has successfully held an international Summit (April 22-23) where key recommendations and Udaaharans were announced. Among the most exciting is the establishment of two separate working groups — one focusing on gender equality and the other on disability.

We recognize the unique challenges faced by each of these important issues and believe that this change will enable us to better address them, resulting in more focused and effective efforts to advance gender equality and disability rights.

We have every confidence that the newly created Disability, Equity and Justice working group, under the able and effective leadership of the distinguished Smt. Nidhi Goyal, will make a meaningful impact during India’s G20 Presidency and beyond. We wish the working group all the best in their important work. We sincerely hope that the work done over the past months will serve as a strong base for the new working group and that we can keep on working together towards building a better balance between the two themes.

This also entails a shift in identity, yet not of purpose, for the Gender Equality working group, which will continue to strive to represent Civil Society in the G20 process. Our focus now will be centred on six interconnected sub-themes that approach gender equality from the perspectives of: Education & Skills, Economic Empowerment & Sustainable Livelihoods, Social-Cultural Implications including Engaging and creating awareness in men and boys toward Gender Equality, Safety & Security, Environmental & Disasters, and Physical & Mental Health. Our social media and website will soon reflect these changes.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate and build a more inclusive, equitable, and just society for all.

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