One Million Lights Campaign – New Delhi

The “One Million Lights” C20 Gender Equality working group campaign, and the grand finale of the “999 Challenge” by C20 Integrated Holistic Health working group were held at the Tyagaraj Stadium.

The event was attended by students, teachers, trainers, and heads of schools from across Delhi, along with senior officials from the directorate of education, and the government secretariat. The programme live-streamed to lakhs of students across government schools in Delhi to promote Gender Equality and Holistic health among the students. 

Regarding Gender equality, Br. Mokshamrita Chaitanya, National Coordinator of AYUDH India, who led the programme, conveyed that, “Amma does not discriminate between genders. She firmly believes that men and women are like two wings of a bird. Without one, the bird cannot fly. Similarly, society cannot progress unless both are treated equally and provided with the same opportunities and access to resources. Through education and employment, women can be empowered.” He highlighted Amma’s impactful initiatives, such as the Amritashree Self-help Group scheme, which has helped over 2 lakh women secure jobs. Amma’s institutions offer vocational training to women and provide lifetime pensions to widows. Br Mokshamrita also mentioned that Amrita University holds the distinction of having the only UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality in India. 

Ms. Radhika Shetty, a member of the C20 Gender Equality working group, led the crowd in participating in the One Million Lights campaign for gender equality by scanning a QR code (for website) and making online nominations. During the event, students and teachers nominated their role models in the field of gender equality. She also led the Gender Equality pledge, in which the entire crowd participated. 

The One Million Lights campaign was initiated this year by the Gender Equality working group of C20, led by Dr. Bhavani Rao, under the visionary leadership of Amma. This impactful campaign comprises three main components: a pledge for gender equality, the formation of a human C20 logo formation, and nominating champions of Gender Harmony in society. Through this Gender Equality campaign, remarkable progress has been made in sensitising students towards gender-related issues, fostering mutual respect, and promoting understanding across genders. Hundreds of students enthusiastically participated in forming the C20 human logo, symbolising unity and solidarity. During a heart-warming moment, the entire crowd in the stadium waved their hands and lit their mobile phones. 

The 999 Challenge campaign was started this year by the Integrated Holistic Health working group of C20, led by Dr. Priya Nair and Dr. Jaideep Menon, under the guidance of Amma. The 999 Challenge consists of 9 rounds of Suryanamaskar, followed by 9 minutes of world peace meditation, to be practiced for a minimum period of 9 days continuously. This campaign aims to provide participants with an experience of the positive health changes that yoga and meditation can bring about in one’s life. 

The event left a lasting impression on the participants, and these campaigns will go a long way in promoting the vision of Gender Equality and Holistic Health.

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