Nutrition and Health Policy Event

On March 16th, 2023 the Integrated Holistic health C20 working group held its sixth ideation workshop and policy meeting. Dr. Niveditha, the nutrition and health area lead, led the 50 CSOs that could attend live through a problem-finding workshop based on design thinking principles to understand the top issues in nutrition and health care and the barriers to access care faced on a global scale.

This important policy event discussed the prevalence of global malnourishment in today’s world and specified the individuals and groups most susceptible to undernourishment or malnourishment. These experts in the field of nutrition shared the necessary steps we must take to ensure widespread nutritional awareness that will help to eliminate cases of preventable malnourishment.  

Dr. Niveditha then guided participants through an ideation exercise that will ultimately inform the policy recommendations that will be given to the G20 heads of state in September

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