C20 Conclave on Education for Life and Global Citizenship

The Education and Digital Transformation Working Group held an event at Auro University to promote inclusive, equitable education systems, global citizenship skills, and collaboration on May 27, 2023.

Prof. Parimal Vyas, the honourable provost of Auro University, welcomed the dignitaries Dr. Prema Nedungadi, C20 EDT India Coordinator; Padma Bhushan Prof. Kapil Kapoor, COO, and Chief Financial Officer; Shri. Sanjeev Sahaji, Member, Governing body, Auro University and President, Gujarat Chapter, M.A. Math.

In his video address, Shri. Hasmukh Ramaji, Founder and President of Auro University, emphasized the importance of a radical paradigm shift in education, focusing on preparing students in all aspects of human existence, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Dr. Prema Nedungadi highlighted Auro University’s spiritual values, compassion, mindfulness, inclusiveness, and intercultural programs for emotional resilience. She cited global best practices executed by CSOs like Words Uncaged, Embracing the World’s Circle of Love and M.A. Math’s initiatives for empowering incarcerated individuals.

Prof. Kapil Kapoor emphasized the human mind’s infinite storage capacity and teachers’ growing power over computers, questioning the shift from acquiring necessary items to merely managing data.

As part of the conclave, two panel discussions were organized. The panel discussion on ‘Global Citizenship and Life Skills’ was moderated by Br. Ramananadamrita, Director of M.A. Centre, USA. The panelists and their key messages:

  • Ms. Kalyan Raj, President, All India Women’s Conference, New Delhi: Global citizenship enables individuals to transcend boundaries and redefine themselves as interconnected members of the human race
  • Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Vice Chancellor, Sanchi University of Buddhist India Studies: Comprehensive education for globalisation must consider five factors for success, without harming others: adishthan, karta, tool, bhagya, akarma, and gentleness
  • Prof. Rajan Wolukar, Vice Chancellor Atlas Skilltech University: Global citizenship to be viewed as a skill for children to inculcate practicality, courage, compassion, and embracing diverse cultures

The second panel discussion titled ‘Building Resilience for Sustainable Living’ was moderated by Dr. Prema Nedungadi. The panelists and their key messages:

  • Prof. TV Kattimani, Vice Chancellor, Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh:  Value of a diversified student community, happiness, and digital accessibility in education 
  • Shri. Abhay Mangaldas,Founder of House of Genji: Questioned impact of education on development definitions, ecological destruction, and the flawed nature-based definition of development in developed countries
  • Dr. Jyoti Yawale, scientist, educationalist, and social worker: G20 participation, resilience, and need to foster a “this too shall pass” mindset can promote well-being and commitment towards sustainable development goals
  • Shri. Kirtea Shan, President Indian National Humanitarian and Architectural Foundation:Called for re-examining city growth, focusing on quality

The valedictory session featured prominent speakers like Dr. Kiran Bedi, former Lieutenant Governor, Puducherry and Dr. Dinesh Dasa, Chairperson of Gujarat Public Service Commission, Gandhi Nagar.

Dr. Dinesh Dasa emphasized the importance of creating global citizens embodying universal Indian values and spirituality to prevent violence. Dr. Kiran Bedi suggests linking hospitals with educational institutions, coordinating efforts, and providing practical training opportunities to enhance medical training and education, aligning with Kalamji’s belief in the father, mother, and teacher.

Prof. Amreesh Mishra, Registrar of Auro University, proposed the vote of thanks.

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