International Youth Parliament for Education for Life

The Educational and Digital Transformation Working Group organized the International Youth Parliament for Education for Life. The event aimed to unite young minds worldwide to engage in thoughtful discussions on holistic education. Over 168 participants representing 30 countries, including India, attended the event. 

Moderator Br. Rāmānandāmṛta Chaitanya, Director, M. A. Centers and Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, said that prioritizing education for life can help address the root causes of poverty and foster a more compassionate and caring society. The expert facilitators were Sienna Nordquist, Former Senior Advisor, UN SDSN Youth, and Andreas Hirsch, President, AYUDH Europe Officer, Service Point for National Youth Strategy, Government of Germany. 

Sixteen delegates shared key challenges and solutions. Some of the key points raised include: 

  • Abheshek Kalimuthu, Australia, addressed the need to address virtual distractions and cyberbullying. 
  • Abhinav Giridhar, South Africa, highlighted the lack of infrastructure and job opportunities.
  • Anthony Melody, Canada, emphasized the importance of facilitating connections among individuals and encouraging self-reflection on emotions, needs, and personal values. 
  • Arzoo Sharma, India, focused on women’s safety and cyber addiction. 
  • Aurore Du Roy, Rwanda, commented on making business opportunities accessible for youngsters. 
  • Carolina Lacombe, Brazil, emphasized the need to prioritize practical skills in education. 
  • Deepthi Jeyashree Nagulusamy, India, stressed mental health and well-being awareness programs. 
  • Kristoff Kumaran, USA, said that physical activity in school must be promoted to promote brain health and immunity. 
  • Maalthe Baungaard, Denmark, suggested that fostering access to knowledge and bridging gaps between lifelong and traditional learning through AI must be explored. 
  • Melody Nadeau, Canada, drew attention to prioritizing issues indigenous youth face. 
  • Nikolas Kumaran, USA, suggested encouraging youth to take up service-based activities to reduce stress.
  • Stefanie Wimmer, Costa Rica, said investing in climate education and empowering young people to take action is critical. 
  • Wynona Villa, Philippines, stressed the importance of decolonizing education systems and updating the curriculum to reflect the culture and heritage of the region.

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