Cost of Living  Crisis – A Technology and Community Nexus

The event attracted over 210+ participants (both online and onsite), and covered numerous critical issues and ideas in managing costs of living in current inflationary times. A panel of seven CSO representatives and expert speakers participated in the event to discuss the nexus between technology and community for supporting individuals and families facing unprecedented rising living costs, particularly those from vulnerable communities.

It was clear policy changes around housing, technology-supported food supply chains, access and affordability of mobile phones, and other related financial security issues are of primary concerns and timely cooperation between CSOs, the government and business is vital. The use of technology to address the increasing loneliness of elderly communities, especially with the threats of living costs to their social life was highlighted by several speakers. Most importantly, policies that foster the development and sustainability of community support hubs were seen as most critical and much needed, not only for food security but also for community mental and social well-being.

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