Policy Discussion at Gwang Hwa-mun Center, Korea

Volunteers from the C20 Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment Working Group, organized a policy discussion event at the Gwang Hwa-mun Center, Korea, to interact with the representatives of Korean CSOs. 21 participants from Korea and USA were a part of the discussion both virtually and in presence. Three CSOs presented their work and goals:

The National Solidarity against Sexual Exploitation of Women (NSSEW):
In Korea’s prostitution law, the Punishment of Prostitution Act continues to punish voluntary participants, causing a lack of protection. Organizations argue for a change in the law. Immigrant women in the sex industry face punishment under the law and risk forced deportation due to their illegal status. To address these issues, the coalition was formed to revise the law and raise awareness.

Parents, Families and Allies of LGBTAIQ in Korea (Representative: Taeyun Kim): 
The LGBT Parents’ Association has been continuing activities to promote the human rights of LGBTQ people and help those involved and their families. The goal is to act as a ‘family’ to those who are not welcomed by their parents-family, and to fight against discrimination and hatred towards minorities in Korean society.

Korean Transgender Rights Organisation Jogakbo (Representative : Heejung Rho): 
Jogakbo tries to enhance the Transgender rights in Korea. Health insurance does not cover transition procedures creating a double-bind situation for transgender individuals. The organization wants to address these challenges at the C20 forum.

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