Menstrual Health & Hygiene campaign – Hyderabad

The Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management Campaign, a collaboration between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and UNESCO, was launched in Hyderabad, Telanga. The campaign, launched in various parts of India, aims at raising awareness about menstrual health and hygiene management, among women, including young school girls.

The event organized by Civil20’s two working groups, Gender Equality and Integrated Holistic Health, introduced 5 teaching-learning modules developed by UNESCO India with Procter & Gamble, Whisper. Titled “Spotlight Red”, the teaching-learning modules offer comprehensive resources and strategies for learners, educators, menstruators and community leaders, that enhance understanding and skills related to menstruation management, while fostering awareness about its societal impact.

Distinguished guests attended the event:

  • Chief Guest Dr. Soumya Mishra, IPS, Additional Director General of Police, DGP Office, Hyderabad.
  • Guest of Honour, Mrs. D Hari Chandana, IAS, from the Chief Secretary Office, Secretariat, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. Huma Masood, Senior Gender Specialist at UNESCO India.
  • Ms. Shilpi Gupta, Supply Chain Manager at Whisper, Procter and Gamble India
  • Dr. Pragnatha Komaravolu, Pediatric Consultant at #AmritaHospital, Kochi.

During the event, UNESCO showcased a collection of impactful short films, highlighting various aspects of menstrual health and hygiene management. Additionally, an empowering “Pride of Period Anthem” was unveiled as a symbol of empowerment, fostering a more promising and inclusive future for all menstruating individuals.

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