Gender Sessions – Maira village, Punjab

As a part of the C20 outreach programs, Ammachi Labs deployed researchers to visit and collect policy recommendations from villages it operates in, and to conduct gender sensitisation sessions. These came as Side Events under the Gender Equality Working Group.

On June 19-21, 2023, the following sessions and activities took place at the Maira village, Pathankot Punjab:

  • Meeting Sarpanch’s Representative.
  • Session on Emotional Intelligence – Young adolescents girls.
  • Session on Menstrual Hygiene coupled with Questions/Answers and yoga asanas – Young adolescent girls.
  • Session on Gender Sensitisation – Young adolescents.
  • Session on Gender Roles – Women.
  • Session on Ideal Village – Women.
  • Gender Equality Pledge – Women.
  • International Yoga Day celebration.

From the discussions with the villagers, the folllowing issues were identified: Creating a waste disposal system – Lighting the streets at night – Fighting alcoholism – Work oppportunities from home for women – Adressing Drug addiction problems.

In the session on Menstrual Hygiene, the girls watched a video on menstruation with charts, folllowed by an interactive Questions/Answers session. The following topics were covered: Explanation about menstruation – The female reproductive system – Basic genital hygiene – Nutrition for healthy menstruation – Usage of pads – Yoga for period pain.

On the International Yoga Day, activities were offered at the Maira government school, during which, students were taught various yoga asanas and techniques to boost memory, improve eyesight, concentration, relieve back pain and facial agility, promote flexibility and enhance overall mental wellbeing.

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