G20 Engagement Groups Roundtables

On the occasion of the 3rd G20India Development Working Group meeting in Goa, ORF online brought together the four G20 engagement groups T20, G20EMPOWER, W20 and C20 for joint roundtables on “Women-Led Development”, to tackle the issues of Women Entrepreneurship, Women in STEM, and Women’s Leadership.

  • Roundtable 1 was on Women and Business. Deepti George (Convenor of the C20’s Special Committee on Financial Issues; Deputy Executive Director & Head of Strategy, Dvara Research), was one of the speakers.
  • Roundtable 2 was on Educating for the Future of Work: Women in STEM. Dr Bhavani Rao ( C20 Gender Equality Working Group Coordinator; Dean, School of Social & Behavioural Sciences, Amrita University; UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment), was one of the speakers.
  • Roundtable 3 was on Grassroots to High-Tables: Women Leaders for One Future. Srividya Sheshadri (Associate Director, Center for Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality, Amrita University; Civil20 Gender Equality Working Group Lead for “Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods”), was one of the speakers.

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