FutureCFO Round table on The Power and Perils of Artificial Intelligence.

The C20 Engagement Group on Technology, Security and Transparency, presented at a quarterly FutureCFO RoundTable meeting at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in San Jose, California on June 20. The event was focused on The Power and Perils of Artificial Intelligence. According to Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence—perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information—demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by humans or by other animals.

Alison Richards presented an overview on the G20/20 overall and focused on showcasing the work completed by the C20 engagement group on Technology, Security and Transparency. The C20 theme “You are the Light” is a call for engagement for civil society to resolve things together. The goal of the presentation was to educate the audience on the TST themes of AI, Cybersecurity, Technology for Empowerment and Accessibility and Misinformation. Richards shared that the team has reached out to over 95 countries, conducted policy dialogues and is driving key initiatives such as GLIDE and TACTICS.

The call to action was for Future CFO and the finance community present to consider CSOs and NGO needs in their work on AI; and asked for them to be involved in solving issues of AI governance and policy.

The RoundTable was attended by 40 finance people, focused on skilling up on AI to understand the language of AI and to learn how to navigate through The Power and Perils of Artificial Intelligence. No matter where you turn, we cannot escape AI and so the goal was to get better informed about all the good it can do as well as all the damage that can be done if not managed properly.

The FutureCFO RoundTable panel was comprised of the following: Ullas Naik has invested in a wide range of AI companies and will moderate an awesome panel of experts that includes Daniel Erickson, CEO Viable, Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, AI, Google and Rex Briggs, former CEO, author and speaker. Rex Briggs has just completed his upcoming book and has turned in the manuscript to MIT for the book titled: The AI Conundrum: Why Artificial Intelligence’s Strengths are also AI’s Weaknesses.

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