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Mar 27 2023


6:00 pm

C20 Policy Roundtable

Topic of Discussion: Sustainable Technologies & Mitigating Emissions in Agriculture

Civil20’s working group on Sustainable and Resilient Communities focuses on four thematic areas: (1) environmental sustainability, (2) climate resilience and social justice, (3) net zero emissions management, and (4) compassion-based approaches for sustainability and resilience. In this background, Civil20’s working group on Sustainable and Resilient Communities, sub group on Net Zero Emissions Management, is organising a policy dialogue on the theme: Towards achieving the Net Zero Emissions targets in the Agriculture sector- challenges and the way forward. This event thus opens up a fantastic platform for experts/practitioners from the agricultural sector, academia, various G20 groups, community service organisations, and interested stakeholders to get to know and raise questions on various aspects of the topic. Specifically, the event reflects deliberately on various challenges the agriculture sector is going through while phasing out the GHG emission; this will also suggest ways towards achieving the Net Zero target. The suggestions and recommendations from the event will be submitted to C20 and G20 member countries as a policy document for consideration.

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