AYUDH-led EDT Youth Conclave on Education for Life

AYUDH organized a Youth Conclave as a part of the C20 Education and Digital Transformation Working Group Conclave hosted by AURO University, Surat, Gujarat. Twenty-five core members of AYUDH Gujarat took part in the event. Dr. Bhavna Kamlesh Joshipura, a distinguished Senior Advocate and the former first woman Mayor of Rajkot was the esteemed Chief Guest.  

The conclave served as a dynamic platform for AYUDH members to present their innovative ideas and insights on four significant themes: Global Citizenship through Service Learning; Indian Gurukula – an Inspiration for Self-Reliant Learning; Heritage and Ancient Culture of India in the Education System; and Mindfulness and Counselling in the Education System. 

Dr. Prema Nedungadi, Associate Dean, School of Computing at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Director, Amrita CREATE, and C20 EDT India Coordinator, said that the Youth Conclave aimed to provide a platform for today’s youth from across the state to share their perspectives, experiences, and challenges they face. She added that youth involvement is shaping the future of education and digital transformation. 

Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya, Director of MA Centres and AYUDH Americas, moderated the conclave. Under his guidance, the conclave witnessed vibrant discussions and meaningful exchanges of ideas. His leadership and ability to foster an atmosphere of open dialogue were instrumental in ensuring that the sessions were engaging and productive. 

Bri. Amritatmika Chaitanya and Bri. Niseema, the National Coordinators of AYUDH, shared their profound insights on Amma’s visionary approach to Education for Life. They conveyed their personal experiences and invaluable lessons from their close association with Amma, which perfectly resonated with the Youth Conclave themes. Amma’s teachings instilled in them the importance of selfless service, ethical values, and the pursuit of knowledge to empower oneself and contribute to society. 

Additionally, Bri. Amritatmika Chaitanya emphasized the significance of youth as a powerful catalyst for promoting real-life education and driving positive changes in the education system through the C20 working group. The impact of the Youth Conclave on young people was substantial, aligning with the vision of Amma to foster a compassionate approach to education and create a better future.  

Ms. Anushree Pandya, Coordinator of AYUDH Ahmedabad, shared her experience as part of the Conclave and said it was a remarkable experience. She added, “We were given the platform to present our well-thought-out ideas on policy-making, focusing particularly on the vital changes that can be implemented in the realm of Education for Life and Global Citizenship.”  

The event successfully showcased best practices that can be integrated into educational systems, emphasizing the importance of compassion as a guiding principle. 

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