Awareness on Gender Inequalities – Jammu

As a part of C20 outreach programs, AMMACHI Labs researcher Radhika Shetty held sessions/workshops at the village of Pandori, Jammu, on Emotional Wellbeing, Questioning Rigid Gender Norms and Menstrual Hygiene.

Over 60 participants attended the various sessions of this C20 Side Event, organized by the Gender Equality Working Group.

The sessions aimed to engage the youth, men and women in through provoking dialogue, discussion and activity that take the discourse on policy suggestions to the rural hinterlands of India.

During the sessions on Menstrual Hygiene and Emotional Wellbeing, girls watched a video on menstruation and menstrual hygiene, older girls demonstrate to younger ones how to use sanitary napkins, and advice were given for proper nutrition for healthy menstruation. Yoga postures for period pain were also taught. Young children were taught the value of emotions in life and healthy ways of expressing them for both girls and boys.

During the session on Gender Sensitization, Rigid Gender Norms were addressed and a pledge on Gender Equality was taken by participants.

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