Innovation Platform for Societal Impact (INNOPSI)
Ideate | Create | Empower
  • Have you ever wished for technology to solve a compelling need?
  • Have you witnessed simple technologies that made things easier for you or someone else?
  • Have you felt technology should be simplified for an application?
  • Have you wished for any technology to be more available and affordable?



  • Public & CSO members
  • Students & Professionals, Start-ups
  • Investors & Organisations

You can contribute by

  • Submitting Challenges and Ideas
  • Showcasing Innovations
  • Vote and Support Innovations for Social Causes

Top ideas can attract up to

  • Rs 1 crore of funding as seed investments
  • Mentorship
  • Technology transfer to industry
  • Start-up incubation through Amrita Ecosystem.

The more we share; The more we empower!
Join us to make technology a viable and affordable solution for one and all!


Message from the Chair, C20 India 2023

Our Inspiration

Knowledge is like a river. Its nature is to flow to all corners of the world and nourish the culture there. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we can prevent the beautiful flower that is this world from wilting. By bringing together diverse streams of knowledge, we can create a magnificent river. May this great river of knowledge flow to caress the countries and communities of the world. May it overflow the borders between people and countries. May it impart the water of life to all of humanity, and thus nurture the blooming of culture throughout the world.
Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi ❤️

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