Society & Culture areas:

  • Society and culture as foundation of gender inequality

  • Transforming negative gender norms and harmful cultural norms that preference men and boys to the detriment of women and girls

  • Transforming harmful cultural norms that perpetuate the burden of patriarchy or unhealthy expressions of masculinities

  • Social and economic support for women as learners, homemakers, as workers in formal and informal spaces, as mothers, etc.

  • Women as leaders in all aspects of life

  • Ensuring all policies can adapt to reflect local values and cultural norms

  • Address generational and systemic discriminatory practices that disenfranchise marginalised groups (especially women, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community).

  • Reintegrate/Rediscover indigenous knowledge, education, and practices that promote intersections between gender equality and health, the environment, education, etc.